Rice Hulls - On any batch or any with sticky ingredients?

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Hi Everyone,

I've noticed that rice hulls seem to be the savior to sparging & wanted to know if I'd just be better off adding them on a more regular basis. Thinking it through, there were three options which have come to mind; two of which add a quantity of Rice Hulls based on the amount of 'sticky' ingredients (wheat/oats/rye/flakes ect) and one which adds hulls to just any batch.

Option A : 15g per 100g of sticky, any quantity. If I base the required rice hulls on the amount of sticky ingredients and allow for 15g for every 100g of adjunct then for example I'd put in 40g in a batch with 600g of these ingredients & 160g of rice hulls for beers which have 2200g. 

Option B : 15g per 100g of sticky, from 1Kg. Use the same formula as above but only when sticky ingredients exceed more than 1KG of the grist.

Option C : 2.5-5g per 100g of any grain. Use rice hulls in all batches, regardless of sticky make-up. Lower percentage - could go at 2.5g or 5g per 100g of grist. This would mean a 5kg grist would be 125g or 250g depending on quantity chosen.

Ideally, I'd have the time to side-by-side on all three options but haven't got the time/brewing space. Has anyone else considered this direction & if so what has worked well in the past?

Cheers & Thanks!
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Before I had a Braumeister, I used roughly 1.5% - 2% of total grist as rice hulls when brewing a hefeweizen with 60 % wheat malt. I needed this on my old 3 vessel setup to avoid a stuck sparge.

Since switching to a Braumeister I have no need to use rice hulls with my hefeweizen, the Braumeister 50 I use handles 60% wheat grists with ease.

I can't comment on using oats or rye as I haven't brewed anything with them in the grist.

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Similar experience here - 50% wheat grist with no problems. Obviously adding hulls won't hurt - but it is an unneeded added expense.
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