Time for mesh replacement - options?

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Ok - I need to replace my filters. I think the options are:

1 a) 20 mesh filter (0.841mm) (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Woven-W ... 1730183029)
b) 30 mesh filter (0.595!) as above

2 a) BAC brewing 0.9mm mesh (https://www.bacbrewing.com/en/9-parts-for-braumeister)
b) 1.5mm mesh as above

3 a) BAC brewing increase disk 0.9mm (https://www.bacbrewing.com/en/9-parts-for-braumeister) plus 1) or 2)
b) 1.5mm disk as above plus 1) or 2)

4 Low oxygen brewing kit (https://shop.speidels-braumeister.de/en ... raumeister) plus 1) or 2)

I’m not convinced by 3 or 4 as I thought the top plate being able to move when the pump stops is integral to the design of the BM. The “squeezing” of the grain should increase the efficiency.

I think I’ll go for 1 a) or 2 b) - but I’m interested in everyone’s experiences here.
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The idea behind the moving top plate is not to squeeze the grain but the complete opposite. When the grain bed re settles after the pump pauses the grain shifts to a different position thereby eliminating gaps/tunnels in the bed thus making sure that that the wort flows evenly through the grain. Also preventing wort fountains.
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I bought 2 of the largest mesh BAC filters. BRILLIANT.... very pleased.

I have a NEVER had a moving upper disk (since first fountain) and the squeezing idea is poppycock imo. Contained movement of grain is what is required.
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