Centre rod base gasket material?

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Hi, new to this forum and recently acquired a 20L second hand unit. It was quite dirty and I’m currently cleaning it back up to brand new condition.

I have noticed there is what appears to be a metal gasket seal underneath the stainless steel base the centre rod screws into. This gasket appears to be cracked (see photo) and also some flecks or particles of metal (appears to be brass) are filing off into the pot. Is this normal has anyone else noticed this? I’m concerned about these metal flecks ending up in my beer. Thank you, cheers!


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Looking at the picture you shared, I see the cracks on the seal. Yes they seem deep and therefore it could leak. What I would do if is to run a full brewing program with pure water (fake mashing and boiling run) and check regularly for leaks.

Regarding the coloration, I do not see any metal flecks, in my option it is coloration for the worts brewed in the Braumeister in the past. The only brass part in the BM are the fittings are the pump, the rest is all SS and metal "transfer" is not that easy. Past wort coloration is nothing you should worry about and it might even dissolve a bit during the pure water brewing run.

The cracks on the seal might also only be cracks in the coloration at the surface of the seal, not damage of the seal.

Keep us posted.
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Thank you for the reply. I have already completed a hot (~80degC) PBW wash including pumping through the pump on manual mode as it ramped from about 60degC to 80degC. There was a LOT of gunk in this Brau but it is looking a lot better now.

So this seal, is it silicone similar to the seal for heating element and temperature sensor penetrations? Is it a spare part one can purchase? Locally in Australia I cannot locate it at homebrew shops which sell Brau parts.

Also when disassembling the pump elbows and barrel union fittings, where the elbow threads into the brass pump housing I noticed either thread sealant or corrosion, or both. It was a greenish/blue type colour and I have been able to scratch most of what I can see out with a thin pair of tweezers and PBW and Citric Acid. I was wondering if anyone knows what type of thread sealant Speidel use when assembling the Brau's? Is it something given the age of this unit I should disassemble the threads, clean them of sealant and replace with high temperature PTFE tape?
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Hi DJ,

Loctite 243 from Bunnings is the sealant you're after. It's NSF standard 61 (food grade). If you Google you'll find out more from the Henkel product info brochure (North American version)

Having said that, it's such a miniscule amount that it doesn't really matter anyway.

Assume you're aware of Grain and grape (Yarraville, Vic)? Not sure how well stocked they are with older parts and tbh I've not had go get anything as the BM is built like a tank (except for the screen condensation, but that belongs to another thread).

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aziztan wrote:
Having said that, it's such a minuscule amount that it doesn't really matter anyway.

Welcome aboard DJ
For deep cleaning you might find truck wash is a bit better. But do NOT soak.

Had you thought about a low tap while you have it in bits? You can simply T off the pump or go for something a bit more complex a lower pumped tap.

PS don't sweat about the metal flecks if they ever made it into the fermenter, they would sink, get buried in trub and then be racked off.

How old do you think the unit is ? Has it a grey controller of a black one?
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If you look at the parts list attached to one of the posts in this thread viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2849 you will see that the gasket is available as a spare part, Tie-Rod Gasket (65691) 8,-- € . Presumably a local Braumeister supplier could get hold of one for you even if they don't carry them as stock items.
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