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Unread postby niels » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:00 pm

In july I had the opportunity to buy Kelleris cherries (krieken) at a cheap price (less than 1.00 EUR/kg) so I ended up with 14.6kg of cherries in my freezer. In November I will brew a kriekbier using a recipe that is being brewed by a guild for years.

The malt bill is simple: pilsner, pale ale and wheat. Low bittering with Hersbrucker Mittelfrühe. The yeast comes from Witkap Stimulo (either bottle dregs or a vial from a fellow homebrewer's yeast bank).
The hot wort is siphoned upon the frozen cherries and cooled down (fridge or environment temperature) until pitching temperature. The guild members don't use fermentation control, but I suppose I will for the first week. After that leave the fermentor for about 3 to 6 months before bottling. Longer = more intense taste, but less foam stability. You could sweeten the beer a bit before bottling depending on the sourness.

Since this is my first try I will use about 500gr cherries/litre, so for 14.6kg I aim for a 30l batch size. Depending on the sourness/sweetness of the cherries you could lower this to 400gr/litre.

Thanks to Ronnie of the VHF for writing out the recipe!

Name La Plus Belle Cerise
Style Kriek / Fruit beer
Desired volume 30 l
Extract efficiency 75%
Desired SG 1.052
Bitterness 22~26 IBU
Boiling time 70 min

Malt bill
Weight [%] Weight [kg] Type Color
74% 5.000 Pilsner Malt 3 EBC
15% 1.000 Pale Ale Malt 9 EBC
11% 0.750 Wheat Malt 3 EBC

Form Weight [g] %aa Boil time Type
Pellets 75 3.40 65 Hallertau Mittelfrühe
Pellets 25 3.40 10 Hallertau Mittelfrühe

Strain Witkap Stimulo (Brouwerij Slagmuylders)
Added as Yeast starter (~2l) from bottle dregs
Temperature ~20°C

Mash schedule
Temperature Time
52°C 05 min
62°C 35 min
72°C 30 min
78°C 05 min

Add 14.6kg of frozen cherries (krieken) to fermentor and add the hot wort to it without cooling it first. Let it cool in the fermentor until desired fermentation temperature, aeriate and pitch yeast. Leave fermentor for 3 to 6 months before bottling.
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Re: Kriekbier

Unread postby Nesto » Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:54 pm

Sounds interesting! That'd be a perfect base recipe to try some Brett and bugs in :D
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