Diesters Bier: call for recipe

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Diesters Bier: call for recipe

Unread postby malzrohr » Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:13 pm

I have been reading about Diesters Bier lately and have become quite curious about it.
Diesters bier is described as an old Flemish wheat beer containing:
  • barley malt, wheat malt and oats
  • Hops from the Aalst region like Groene Bel (?), EKG, Hallertau
  • Adulterated with 20% very old beer
  • Honey or caramelized sugar added
  • Tastes like Peeterman (i.e. a lactic acid character?? I don't know what a Peeterman tastes like and really eager to find a sample !)

Mashing methods described are:
  • Infusion 65C until iodine test negative
  • Double decoction

Are there any known recipes around that are tried known to taste like a Diest?

As a first suggestion, I think a recipe could look like:

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22 liters (80% efficiency)
1.98kg Pale Ale (41%)
1.76kg Wheat (36%)
1.1  kg Oats (flaked) (23%)
35g EKG 5% AA 70 mins 18 IBU
3% v/v CO2 (?)

For the lactic acid character one could mash in and leave at 20C overnight or add 1-2% acidulated malt.
As it is a type of Belgian wheat beer I suspect there is not a particular hop aroma present.

Comments and remarks are welcome :cheers:

  1. http://www.demerdal.be/Beelden/Het%20Guldenbier.pdf
  2. http://aalst.be/default.asp?artikelid=4932
Es ist zwar ein sehr gutes Bier, die Goslarische Gose; doch wenn man meint, sie sey im Bauch, so liegt sie in der Hose.
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