Brut IPA

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Brut IPA

Unread postby Bigstew » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:18 am

The new contol unit has arrived direct from Germany !! so I'm back online for brewing, my first brew will be a Brut IPA or a triple IPA finished with amyloglucosidase enzyme. Now with all the things I have read online the final gravity should be 0 plato. I usually keg 19 litres and bottle the remaing 4 litres to give as samples and to take to brew club I would like some advice on bottle carbonating such a high gravity/low plato beer. As the remaing yest would have been finished off with the high gravity and zero sugar left. My only experience with this came with two Belgian beers. One I used Danstar CBC and got bottle bombs and the other I used DME and got flat beer any thoughts would be welcome.
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