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Unread postby BigEd » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:06 pm

Brewed my first "real" beer on the 50L yesterday. [Disclaimer]I did do a distiller's beer a couple of weeks ago. I bought the Braumeister 50L over six months ago but with making my basement facilities ready for the new machine and the intrusion of a few other household chores along the way it took a bit longer than I anticipated to get started.

So my basement temperature is just right for a Kolsch and it is one of my favorite beers so here's the list:

This recipe was scaled to make approximately 10 US gallons or about 40 litres. It would up at a slightly higher gravity than I expected (1.060 instead of 1.055) but after a few more runs I think I'll get the hang of adjusting my old recipes to the new equipment.

7.5Kg (16.5 lb) Weyermann Pilsner malt (91%)
570g (1.25 lb) Weyermann Wheat malt (6%)
225g (.50 lb) Weyermann CaraFoam malt (3%)

85g (3 oz) Spalt hop pellets 3.2%AA @ 60 minutes
28g (1 oz) Spalt hop pellets 3.2%AA @ 20 minutes

White Labs WLP-029 German Ale yeast

Mash Schedule:
54C/129F 15 minutes
65C/149F 40 minutes
70C/158F 20 minutes
77C/170.6F 15 minutes

75 minute boil
My base water is almost Pilsen-like and extremely low in brewing mineral ions. I added 10g of Calcium Chloride and 3g of Calcium Sulphate.
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Re: Kolsch

Unread postby Bigstew » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:52 am

I have used this Greg hughes recipe for 23 litres (just up scale it) its simple and a belter, I also tried and now only use the cheap yeast from the cross my loof beer supplies in Glasgow, the yeast is cheap but excellent and free UK delivery.

4 Kg Pilsner malt,
500g Carapils
Mash 1 hour at 65C(149F)
70 minute boil
44g Spalt selct 60m
1 Tsp Protofloc 15m
22g Tettnang 5m
44G Tettnang F/out
Wyeast 2565 Kolsch or as mentioned try the cross my loof yeast

Ferment at 18 c(approx 7 days)
Conditioning 3 weeks at 12 deg C

Target OG1046
Final OG1011
Est ABV 4.6%
IBU 25
EBC 7.2
Good luck
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