Any thoughts on this stout recipe?

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Any thoughts on this stout recipe?

Unread postby craigbayne » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:10 pm


Been planning a stout today. Here's where I've got to with it. I'm going for something really heavy and roasty, mashed quite high, with some good final sweetness and a touch of smoke.

For the 50L Braumeister

6.5kg Munich malt
0.7kg smoked rauch malt
1kg crystal 60
1kg flaked oats
0.5kg chocolate malt
0.5kg roasted barley

Mash at 69C for 60mins
Mash out at 77C for 10 mins

70g East Kent Goldings @ 60min (5%AA, 20.1 IBU)

28g East Kent Goldings @ 10min (5%AA, 2 IBU)

Ferment with WLP028 Edinburgh Ale yeast

OG 1049
FG 1015
4.5% abv
21.7 IBU

Prime with molasses/treacle for 1.5 volumes
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