1st Belgian, help needed.

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1st Belgian, help needed.

Unread postby Jeltz » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:14 pm

OK I'm about to attempt my 1st Belgian beer and have a BM20 (original) and tend to sparge and achieve a brew length of 25L, which I keg in 30L sankey kegs.

This is a completely new style for me which is part of the reason for brewing it! I have only many done British and American styles and a Bohemian Lager so its recipe design I need doing for me help with.

Ideally I'd like to brew a tripel but am happy to look at dubbels, I'm aware that the restrictions on grain might be an issue and if I need to mash twice I'm prepared to do that.

What are your favourite recipes? What tips would you give on mash schedules and fermentation temperature etc

Grain wise I have:-

30kg Maris Otter pale ale malt
5kg Pilsner malt
3kg Munich malt
2kg Wheat malt
500g Aromatic Malt
500g Special B
500g Cara Munich

I have Herkules hops which are a fairly clean bittering hop but the rest of the hops I have are typical British style or American citrussy ones.

Yeast wise I have a packets of Safale BE-256 and Mangrove Jack Belgian Abbey M47 and would expect to make a starter.

I won't be brewing this until mid December at the earliest so plenty of time to get hold of any other grains, hops or sugars I might need.
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