Brew #2 - Witte van Vee (Witbier / Belgian White)

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Brew #2 - Witte van Vee (Witbier / Belgian White)

Unread postby niels » Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:28 pm

My second brew was a Belgian white per request of my girlfriend (Vee), hence the name. As I wanted it to be my recipe for her (oh, romance in the air) I did some "research" and used data from different sources (magazines, forums, style descriptions, recipes, ...) as a reference to get to the recipe below.

I crushed the grains and grind the flakes. During the mash I wasn't too happy with the flow rate (because of the wheat, I suppose), so I stirred the grains 2 times in between. At the start of the boil I added the juice of 2 citrons.

The fermentation started at 18°C and was raised to 22°C over the next days. I did start so low as I read something about it on a forum regarding Brewferm Blanche. The fermentation was quite active the next day, but I might start a degree higher the next time.
After a week of fermentation the beer was smelling like sulphur. After another week in primary the smell was still there, so I racked to secondary hoping that the fermentation restart a bit and so the CO2 would drive off the sulphur. After another week is was better, but still very rotten eggy. Out of despair I added a few grams of raw sugar (not dissolved in water and cooked) which triggered a release of CO2 almost instantly (similar to adding sugar to a glass of cola). Next day I saw that there was yeast in my water lock... not a good idea to do this in secondary as headspace is tight!
After a few more days it did smell much better, but still some sulphur. I decided to bottle it anyway! A first taste after 2 weeks was very promising and there was no smell/taste of sulphur!

The beer is a nice witbier. A sour hint, a little clouded (but not as cloudy as a true witbier) and the typical mouthfeel of a witbier. I couldn't detect the herbs (but then again, I'm not a trained taster).

Next time I will add some nutrients to avoid the sulphur-mess and either up the herbs a bit or leave them in the boil a little longer.

I'm very happy with my first try of my very own Witte recipe and I will try to fine-tune it in the next brews. I can't wait for the sun to sip on a witte while relaxing in the garden.


Code: Select all
Name---------------- : Witte van Vee
Beer type----------- : A Witbier
Desired litres------ : 25 litre
Desired SG---------- : 1048
Extraction efficiency: 75 %

Total brewing water- : 38.5 litre
Mash water---------- : 30 litre
Sparge water-------- : 8.5 litre
Boiling time-------- : 60 minutes
Calculated colour--- : 7.7 EBC (Morey)
Calculated bitter--- : 15 EBU (Tinseth)

Malt bill-------------------------------------------------
 50%   2660 g  Pilsner malt                       3    EBC
 44%   2340 g  Wheat (unmalted)                   4    EBC
  5%    265 g  Oat flakes                         4    EBC
  1%     60 g  Münchener malt                     16   EBC

Whole hops---00053 g  3.15 %aa   60 min   Saaz (CZ)

00010 g   10 min   Coriander (crushed seeds)
00010 g   10 min   Curaçao peels (dried)

Strain-------------- : Brewferm Blanche
Added as------------ : hydrated
Volume-------------- : 1 package of 12 g
Aeration------------ : Shaking
Temperature--------- : 18°C (rised to 22°C)

Mash table-------------------------------------------------
Maisch at 45°C
10 min at 52°C
30 min at 63°C
15 min at 68°C
20 min at 72°C
 5 min at 78°C

Added the juice of 2 citrons at the start of the boil
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RE: Brew #2 - Witte van Vee (Witbier / Belgian White)

Unread postby ChilliMayne » Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:04 pm

Where do you get these black and white displays from?

RE: Brew #2 - Witte van Vee (Witbier / Belgian White)

Unread postby niels » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:29 pm

ChilliMayne wrote:Where do you get these black and white displays from?

If you use the code tags (Code button in toolbar) around your recipe it will be displayed as preformatted text and the gray/white coloring. This way the recipe stands out nicely.

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