Rolling boil.

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Re: Rolling boil.

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Holy mackerel! :shock:

Need to wear a lava suit to man that kettle.
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Re: Rolling boil.

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whitegoose wrote:
luk-cha wrote:just adding my 2 cents, we did our first boil yesterday on the 20L BM and, we have both the standard thermo jacket and the stainless steel hood, and i must say our boil was incredable, boil temp was set at 102C and for 90 mins, throughout the boil i had to recirculate the hops back into the wort as they had stuck to the sides, so i was thinking perhaps the doomed hood works in the same way as a traditional pizza oven and convexes the heat from the boil off back into the the wort, because when i took the hood off, the boil soon calmed to a gentle simmer
What's your boil off rate like with the hood?
i'd say about 15%

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Re: RE: Rolling boil.

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smeller wrote:You can buy 4 different size immersion heaters here: 350W, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W ... 34.c0.m322
I use the 2000W version to boost my electrical boil kettle
Also getting a fairly embarrassing boil on the 50L (with BM insulation jacket). More of an issue with larger batches, like the 52L of wort I tried to boil last weekend. I might be getting a hint of DMS in my batches but can't tell with certainty.

Just ordered the 2000W version to complement the built in elements. Nice and cheap. Thanks for sharing the link.

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