Minimum amount of grain in pipe (water / grain ratio)

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Minimum amount of grain in pipe (water / grain ratio)

Unread postby MickeEklund » Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:22 am


I'm planning a 1.050 weizen and would like to do a "no-sparge" this time. I will use the 50L with a short malt pipe. If I use 35 liters of water and 4.2 kg malt I end up with a 8:1 water to grain ratio.

You think that will cause problems? This will be my first brew in the 50L but I have done ~30 brews in the 20L and only experienced wort-fountains when water/grain ratios were high (as if the "grainbed" is not stable and resistant enough vs pump pressure).

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Re: Minimum amount of grain in pipe (water / grain ratio)

Unread postby BrauTim » Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:56 am

I've used this same setup with the same amount of water with no problems. Just watch the water doesn't creep over the top of the malt pipe as your are mashing-in, drop some water out and fill when all the grain has been added.

Note that some people do mash with water above the malt pipe (once the filter plates have been put in place).
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