brewing in basement w/20l

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brewing in basement w/20l

Unread postby redwing_al » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:34 pm

I've yet to make my purchase, but I'm looking into my "brew space". I would like to brew in my basement as I have a side that is appropriate for brewing (water too!). In any case, I do not have appropriate ventilation... Will I have a significant problem with steam? Does anyone else brew without appropriate ventilation and do you see it as a problem?

the way I see it, moisture is good for Michigan winters as we have used humidifyers in the past... I suppose in the summer months I'll move to the garage, but wondering about the amount of moisture I'll have to deal with on the BM...

thanks in advance!
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Re: brewing in basement w/20l

Unread postby dinnerstick » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:05 pm

my own experience with the matter: i used to brew on my BM 20L in my high ceilinged, spacious, open kitchen, and just crack the window next to the kettle. the apartment would fill with humidity, and the ceiling directly over the kettle would drip with condensation. i had to shut all the doors i could, and then air the place out after the boil. it wasn't ideal, but i didn't have any other option. i moved to a new house and built a dedicated brew space, in a small room with a much lower ceiling, and tried brewing in there before i hooked up any ventilation. i opened the window and got to boiling. a cloud formed above the level of the window and it just about rained. everything above window level was soaked with condensation, with little trickles of water running down the faces of the cabinets. i got right to work on installing my fan, in the form of a retired kitchen stovetop sucker-fan-thing, vented out through an old dryer port. i am much happier with that arrangement! but this is in the netherlands, where the air is usually pretty close to saturated with moisture.
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