Flexible Saccharification time on program BM 20L

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Flexible Saccharification time on program BM 20L

Unread postby kstiglich » Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:42 am

Hello Fellows,
I have been following recipes but I have never test iodine on my wort to see if all starches has been converted into sugar. I would like to start doing it, but I cannot imagine how to extend the saccharification time if I discover that there still are some starches in the wort, thus I need to extend the saccharification stage for a while until the iodine test results show us that all starches were converted.

What procedure do you recommend? If I change to manual, how can I get back to the same point in the automatic program.?
If I move to pause, would it keep the temperature and timing?

Any advice will be very appreciated.

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Re: Flexible Saccharification time on program BM 20L

Unread postby Luis Coentrao » Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:02 pm


I usually perform the iodine test during the mash, before and after sacharification rest, just to confirm the conversion. After 30 minutes maltose rest (60ºC) the test is usually negative for starch. Just to confirm and feel confortable with myself.
Imagine if the iodine test is positive for starch. Simple. Quit the mash program and start a new one with a longer sacharification rest.

As you are aware, the iodine test only tells that starch was converted to polysacharides. Wheter these are glucose, maltose or dextrines, it depends on mash temperature rests.

Hope it helps,
Luis Coentrao
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