500L in a brewpub format

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500L in a brewpub format

Unread postby AleWife1 » Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:02 am

Hello Spiedel friends
Can anyone provide any links or personal knowledge of the 500L being used in a small commercial nano brewery setting? I am an owner operator of a very small brewpub in upstate NY. We have been open since 2008 and brewing with 50 gallon Blichmann Boilermakers and Blichmann 42 gallon fermenters since day 1. We are looking into upgrading and expanding just enough to do a little local distribution while still staying small and staying true to our roots as homebrewers. We are looking into something at least the size of a 4-barrel for our next step and the convenience and small and smart package of the Spiedel is very intriguing. As you all know it takes practically the same amount of time and energy to brew 10 gallons as it does 5. It will probably take the same amount of time and energy to brew 4 barrels as it does 1 using the 500L versus a single barrel system.

A few questions for you folks using the 20L and 50L.....

Would you imagine brewing on the 500L would be very similar to brewing on the smaller versions...only larger volume? Obviously cooling hot wort is a little different with the glycol jacket of the 500L, and the time it takes to dispose of spent grain and cleaning/flushing the system a bit more time consuming.

What would you imagine the shortcomings may be by using this system in a commercial application? I have hunch that most of you will say that higher gravity beers are a bit more challenging from what I've read.

Has anyone done double batches with the 20 or 50....and also done double batches on a traditional mash tun and HLT cooler and boiling kettle (3 vessel) and can compare their findings in the time it takes from start to finish of brewing on the two different systems? It seems to me that any size Spiedel is less conducive to double batches since you must completely drain and clean the wort boil compartment before starting a new batch...whereas you can be mashing while cooling wort in a 3 vessel system. There is some time saved though with the spiedel by not sparging and not transferring the wort from the mash tun to the boiling kettle.

Has anyone been able to calculate their electric usage cost of the spiedel vs. gas usage cost on a conventional direct-fired brewing kettle?

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences with this machine. I'd really like to think the 500L has a place in the brewpub/nano brewery world, and I'm willing to really pursue it if you all think I should go for it. The only other system I'm looking at right now as an upgrade to our single barrel is a Psycho Brew 5-barrel system that uses (2) 100 gallon mash tuns and (2) 100 gallon boiling kettles and a on-demand hot water system for sparging. Cleaning 4 kettles that you can't reach into without tipping over and climbing in seems to be a real labor of love. It's hard enough to reach into (2) 50 gallon kettles and clean a Therminator everyday.
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Re: 500L in a brewpub format

Unread postby Fritzkellerbrau » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:29 pm


I don't have any personal experience but saw the larger BM first at a "artisanal commercial brewery" (and that I'd where I got hooked onto the BM concept). Refer to http://www.smackrepublic.com - it looks like a 200l version. I suggest contact them - email and cell phone number is listed their website (international code +27 (and drop the first 0). I am quite sure they will share information (including electricity usage) - we South African's are quite a friendly lot :cheers:
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Re: 500L in a brewpub format

Unread postby bierfest » Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:38 am

Dont know if this is of any interest - http://www.homebrewwest.ie/homebrew-news-22-w.asp (scroll down to the article 'August 11 Visit To Speidel Microbrewery In Memmingen, Munich'). I think I may have read somewhere that this client went ahead with the installation but not sure. I guess if you contact these guys they can give you more information.
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