What efficiency should I state in Beersmith?

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What efficiency should I state in Beersmith?

Unread postby Fat Duck Brewery » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:46 am

Hi All,

Firstly i'm new to this site, just heard about it, so happy to finally find other braumeister users. I'm a self learning 20L braumeister user for now 10 months.
To help me on my way I also use Beersmith for my recipes.

However what setting should I enter into the equipment profile? as it ask's for brewhouse efficiency and well i don't know, how do you work that out when you're also learning to brew?

I normally do a 4 step mash starting off at 40c dough in, then 52c, 63c, 73c and mash out 78c

Any help and tips to keep improving and learning is appreciated, it's my goal to scale up to the next larger 50L once I feel im making tasty beer on the 20L

Thanks all

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