Loose Hops

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Loose Hops

Unread postby NibelungenBrew » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:35 am

Hi there!

I'm quite new to brewing with the BM (I got a 20l) and I have a doubt. Is it safe for the BM (for the pump) to just drop loose hops pellets? Or is it safer to use a mesh/spider/bag? Thanks!

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Re: Loose Hops

Unread postby BMDrysdale » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:43 am

G'day "NibelungenBrew ,"

No doubt you have resolved the issue by now; but, if not - I have a 50 Litre BM and am very pleased with it (40 batches now). I have found that small additions of hop pellets don't cause any issues.
I am a bit of a Hop-Head though and: have had some issues - when recirculating/whirlpooling @ <80 Degrees C, using larger amounts (150-200gm) of hop pellets (in a hop sock & spider). Despite using a sock I found that after recirc', when the wort is then passed through a 30 plate reverse flow chiller, enroute to fermenters, there has been a buildup of hop solids on the plates, resulting in progressive blockage of the chiller.
I am about to invest in a chilling coil to overcome this issue. No dramas though with lower hop dosage rates.
Regards, BMDrysdale.
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Re: Loose Hops

Unread postby mashy » Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:47 am

YUP. Its fine for the BM (because it has cut out before boil) but the issue is filtering them out.

I have tried most things, and now prefer a big immersion coil and mangrove jack hop filter.
I get great hop utilization, and a simple whirlpool will enable me to pump out to the fermenting vessel, once cool, using the BM pump.

If you are going bonkers with hops buy another MJ. The BM20 will accommodate two - and they are not that expensive.
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