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Controller crash

Unread postby nibber » Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:07 pm

I brewed with my recently acquired second hand 10 litre yesterday-i inputted the full recipe,it was okay until it went to increase the temperature to the the boiling stage,i put the lid back on in the hope that it would get up to boiling point quicker,however at 80 degrees C the unit then went into fault,with the screen going totally blank and the controller clicking relays 3 times and the Braumeister shutting down completely :shock:I then had to proceed manually with the boil and hop additions,and the unit ran okay. I started another brew today and thought i would try again with the lid on at the pre-boil stage as the latest software version has a lid removal alarm reminder before getting to the boiling stage at approx. 90 Deg C.The unit today was fault free and it ran a full cycle okay with the lid removal alarm reminder going off at the pre boil setting.Anyone had this occur? Maybe it was a one off but a bit worrying as the unit is just out of warranty! :beerbang:
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