Bottom of my BM50 not leveled, worth escaping under the pipe

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Bottom of my BM50 not leveled, worth escaping under the pipe

Unread postby gunnaols » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:55 pm


Thought I'd share my experience here and see if there's any other users that's had the same issue as me.

My issue is mainly worth escaping under the malt pipe. Very poor flow over the top and clearly see a fountain bubling on the side. When I tilt the malt rod in the middle the fountain changes sides. I've also inserted the malt pipe without the rubber seal to find gaps on both sides. I have only been brewing with the short malt pipe so far and I fear with the regular malt pipe it won't even be able to push the worth over the top. I have tried all different crush from 1.2mm - 1.8mm.

This is indeed a new BM50 plus, and I've sent it to service once where they said it is working as it should. After 4 months of waiting to get it back I'm hesitating to do the same thing and get the same response. In my eyes this is clearly a production fault, I'm just interessed to see if there's others with the same issue. Can also note that I've experienced condensation in the front panel aswell.

Here's a short video where you see the worth escaping on the side: ...

If there's anyone out there with a solution it's very much appreciated! :)
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