Abort, pause, resume..

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Re: Abort, pause, resume..

Unread postby aziztan » Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:06 am

Surely, there's a way of skipping the stages.

So today I had to sort out a wort fountain (my first in 2 years). As expected I always forget how to pause in times of panic (it's 2 opposing end buttons right?!)

Anyway I thought I could power off at the mains to sort the issue out, power back on and the program would pick up from where it left off, which I thought was the case (maybe that only works if you turn the power back on quickly), but it didn't. I had to restart the whole thing.

Isnt it easier to have the functionality to skip a step during a program run? I know we could modify a recipe but when you do that, you'll need to remember that recipe in order to change it back, I guess I could take a pic. Also, there are times I change my mind and wanted to skip a stage (step mashes for example).

Or does the pause function just works for everyone?

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Re: Abort, pause, resume..

Unread postby mashy » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:39 pm

On the original BM it is the 2 left hand buttons that stop the program.
I seem to think its just the left button on the 2015, under the X on the screen.
Then it will ask you if you want 'stop' [end] or 'pause' [to resume]

Skipping stages and recovery from power off, I don't think so.
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