Grain mill

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Grain mill

Unread postby stevodevo » Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:51 pm

Here's my attempt at a grain hopper for my new MillMaster Mini mill. It's pretty much an interpretation of a common design that we've all seen before. I'm not the handiest person around, so it took quite a while to get right, but I had a good time building it... and acquired a few new tools along the way :-)

The mill itself mounted on a piece of plywood. I have a couple of offcuts holding the board in place on the bucket

The next level up adds a frame and a couple of lengths of aluminium angle bent slightly to act as a guide to direct the grain into the rollers. rollers set to 1.2mm with a feeler gauge

The next part is just a few pieces of ply glued together to form a block for the chute (some sort of half threaded plumbing adapter) to fit into. The aluminium angle on the corners holds everything together without needing to screw anything into the mill. The small blocks of wood front and centre hold the bottom frame in place. I'm going to replace those with some aluminium sheet metal to make it look better. The wood is doing a good job of keeping it in place... it just looks a bit ugly

And here it is with the water bottle attached. The bottle has a threaded plumbing fitting siliconed to it so it can be screwed into place on the base. That holds it in place really nicely

And here again with my drill attached. The drill is a Ryobi One hammer drill which just fits the 1/2" shaft on the millmaster. You'll aslo notice a length of ply going through the hopper base which acts as a stopper to stop the flow of grains. I thought I might need that if my drill didn't have enough torque to start from zero rpm with a full load in the chute. Turns out the drill chews through it effortlessly so I'm not going to bother with it.

2.8KG of JW Pale Malt for the mill's first workload. Piece of cake :-)

A closer shot of the grind. I'm actually wondering if it's a tad too fine? It looks good (well processed with little to no whole grains), but is it normal to have a fair bit of powdery malt in the mix (the photo doesn't really show it well) or should it be fairly uniformly "bitty". All the husks appear to be separated and for the most part left intact

Anyway, this is what's been keeping me off the street for the past couple of weeks. Let's see how it all goes tomorrow for the first run.
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Re: Grain mill

Unread postby OldScotchAle » Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:46 pm

Very nice looking wood work there!
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Re: Grain mill

Unread postby BrauTim » Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:52 pm

Looks like a good job, I hope you were sustained with homebrew during the build.

There should be a fairly even spread of grind - some fine powder, middle crush bits and husks, if you've got a tad too much fine stuff then it might help to stir the mash about halfway through, I see greater efficiency with a slightly finer grind and a stir, but there is an optimum point for the grind, finding it is part of the fun !

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