Pickup tube for outlet valve

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Pickup tube for outlet valve

Unread postby djl3thal » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:27 am

Hi, I’ve scoured the internet and seen some good options including custom made pickup tubes and the famous spiral filter thing. Most things were either expensive, or would take a lot of my time to fabricate which Is rather spend brewing! I like to whirlpool and then fill my hot wort cube without tipping my Brau.

I picked up this 3/4” (~19mm for) outer diameter 316SS tube weld nipple locally for a few dollars. All I need to do is cut two grooves to seat o-rings in and it will be perfect!

You could source this at any local welding components or process industry supplies shop. I hope this helps someone who is in a similar position as I. Cheers


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