Shortening central rod

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Re: Shortening central rod

Unread postby HobbyBrauer » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:34 am

I also am a LODO braumesiter user. I struggled with designing a mash cap that was adequate for me. My first design was like OPs but I soldered on a riser around the hole (like the filter plate standoff in malt pipe), it worked okay but when I switched to a lifting nut it no longer worked. The second design was a piece of foam rubber cut in a circle with a center hole and a slice from the center hole going outwards allowing me to install under the nut and partially remove to visually check underneath. That worked but now I just purge through my dome and then seal till lauter. Works great (have tested DO) and don't have to deal with an additional part to clean!
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