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Unread post by royco »

Why are so many members geographically anonymous? Are they afraid we might pop in and snaffle some of their tasty brew? :cheers:


Re: Member Location

Unread post by HopSong »

Could be they never thought it important to go to the profile page to list the various items. I didn't update until yesterday..

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Re: Member Location

Unread post by niels »

It's one of the topics in the next newsletter: Encouraging users to provide info about their BM model and location. I'm not suggesting that everyone has to enclose their whole life, but these two pieces of info are nice to know about each other.

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Re: Member Location

Unread post by McMullan »

Brewing is an global tradition that some claim goes back thousands of years. (Admittedly, the British are best at it :wink: ). A culture that brings people together, brewing and drinking real beer. And now we have the Braumeister :D It's interesting to know where in the world members brew. A brief look at the stats indicates many members are anonymous and not actively participating. Does this add value to the forum?

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