Wheat Beer recipes by Speidel

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Wheat Beer recipes by Speidel

Unread postby Castlebrew » Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:26 pm

Anybody know if the BM can cope with the Speidel recipes, which make no mention of using rice hulls to avoid a 'sticky mess'. I just wondered if the rough crushing at 1.6mm recommended by Speidel, means you don't have to use rice hulls. I've done over 80 brews now and varied the crush rate. Had no choice but to use pre crushed finely milled pale malt last week for a brew! I managed to avoid any spouting and pump pressure did not exceed 0.2bar. The efficiency was great but I had to use a sieve to remove malt particles during the first 10 minutes of boiling, prior to adding any hops. Something I do every brew anyway. Also, great attention had to be paid when cleaning out using the HX water which I store above the BM in the HLT. Comments on the wheat recipes and crushing size generally would be appreciated.
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