SOP (cleaning procedure)

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SOP (cleaning procedure)

Unread postby Beaver71 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:23 pm

What is your cleaning procedure for the 200l BM? I need to create SOP's for the water dept and would like to know how you guys do it. The manual says:

1. Rinse out the trub.
2. Use a brush and water to scrub the coils and kettle.
3. Pump off dirty water.
4. Run fresh water through the inlet to rinse the line, inlet, and outlet.

*If visually clean, proceed to disinfect.

5. Add water until the heating coils are submerged several centimeters (roughly how much water?)
6. Heat water to 30 degrees C.
7. Add X amount of 5 Star PBW, alkaline detergent. (Need to know how much water so I can do the amount calculation)
8. Connect hoses and set valves to run Whirl-Pool.
9. Turn on pump.
10. During the process, open and close valves a several times to assure valves are being cleaned.
11. Continue the process for 15 - 20 minutes.
12. Turn off the pump and close valves.
13. ? add more water to dilute the detergent before draining?
14. Disconnect hose from inlet and inset into the floor drain.
15. Open valves and let detergent drain.
16. Use fresh water to rinse out the vessel being sure to rinse out all the detergent.

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