CO2 Connection to Brite Tank

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CO2 Connection to Brite Tank

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Hello All,

I was wondering if someone can recommend a good way to connect a CO2 tank to the carbonation stone provided with Speidel's Brite Tanks.
The thread is 3/4" BSPP, which is not standard in Mexico (where our brewery's at), I've been having trouble finding adapters and such.
I was thinking on using Triclamp adapters but I think it may be overdoing it.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

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Re: CO2 Connection to Brite Tank

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The easiest way is probably -

3/4" BSP to 1/2" BSP stainless reducing hex nipple

1/2" BSP to 3/8" tubing John Guest fitting - either directly to your tank - or to a 3/8" tube to 1/4" MFL John Guest fitting so you can fit an existing line.

You should be able to find this stuff on the UK ebay site or ali express perhaps

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Re: CO2 Connection to Brite Tank

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Worth saying (if not too late) that it's worth working some sort of non-return valve and regular valve onto your sinter stone connection if possible. Originally, we ran CO2 line straight into a pushfit connection, but as pressure builds the beer backs up the line - not great. Non-return prevents this (with a very small section of air line between the stone and non-return). If you include a ball valve as well you'll be able to stop beer dripping from the stone if you want take the airline out of the sinter and put a top pressure on the tank (as we do moving beer to the filler). Hope this helps!

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