Brewing process 500

Because the 200 L and 500 L units are a different league, we'll grant them their own sub-forum.
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Brewing process 500

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I would like to hear what your brewing process looks like and what issues you are having

Here is mine currently:
1. Heat 575 liters of water
2. Mash according to schedule. Add another 25 liters of water at beginning of mash
3. Lautering and sparge by adding 55-60 liters of water
4. Usual pre boil volume is 575-580
5. Boil for 1 hour, end up with 540ish liter of vort
6. Cool and transfer around 500-520 liter of wort to fermentation tank

Get abut 65-69% efficiency right now. Thinking of crushing finer to increase the efficiency but not sure.

A big variable has been how I deal with the blow off condensation from the boil. If I use a strong fan to suck out the condensation the post boil volume goes down. If I just let the condensation rise without the fan the post boil volume goes up.

Would be great to share the brewing process to see how you have managed to increase efficiency and get the most out of the BM500.

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Re: Brewing process 500

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When using an extractor, the height of the hood needs to be adjustable. What you have described is the difference between gently removing the vapour and vigorously sucking it out - which creates negative pressure.

By adjusting the extractor hood height you are effectively diluting the vapour with more air making the extraction more gentle.

I used 3 chains attached to the ceiling. You will be amazed what difference just 25mm makes.

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Re: Brewing process 500

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Ive got a BM200, but it looks like you're using too much liquor for the mash. If its a bit 'sticky' towards the end of mashing in, I run off liquor from side valve back over top of mash whilst mixing. A second person can be quite handy for that! Also, you should only need to sparge about 40 litres at the most. You are just 'washing out' the mash, because its not a traditional fly or batch sparge. But you shouldn't rush raising the malt. I use a 1 inch diameter hose and a watering can rose to do the sparge and 10 minutes sparging easily uses 20litres of liquor. Regarding efficiency I've done 37 brews and found that when crushing finer, although efficiency goes up, the wort then has a lot of malt particles. So I've increased the crush size to the point where any malt that gets into the wort, can be easily removed using a ss strainer during the first ten minutes of the boil, prior to adding the first lot of hops. My efficiency is around 85-90% depending on what's being brewed.
I boil with the BM lid partially on, tilted to allow drip off. As it is close to an external wall in a double height building, I open a window. 3 metres above, which ventilates the steam. This means that I only use 6.5 to 7kw per brew.Happy brewing. Castle Brew.

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