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1/ Please prefix your subject with [For Sale], [Wanted], [For Trade] or [Other].
2/ If your advert is no longer relevant (sold, found, ...) mention it in the topic so that it can be closed. If no new post is made during the last 30 days the topic might be closed anyway.
3/ Be honest about the condition of the items you're putting up for sale/trade!
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As per the sub forum rules the items advertised will be closed if no action has taken place in the previous month.

If anyone with an advert wants it to remain would the ORIGINAL POSTER please bump his /her topic so we all know it is still active.
If their topic is not bumped in the next few days I will assume it is no longer needed and will close it.

If you aren’t the OP then I ask that you refrain from replying and bumping the topic unless you know the OP personally and know that they have actually sold their item.

Thank you.
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