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The forum is open!

Unread post by niels »

Hello dear visitor,

I started brewing about 3 years ago with a group of friends and a set of cut open beer kegs. The first brews weren't that great, but we made the beers ourselves! Since then we learned a lot and upgraded our equipment until we moved to a nicely build 3-vessel system about 1 year ago. The brew days are always a nice social gathering with a lot of laughing, drinking and dreaming.

But brewing with 10 people and a big 3-vessel system also has its drawbacks: organisation, compromises, less flexibility, long brew days... So I wanted to start brewing on my own too. This would give me the opportunity to concentrate on the things about brewing I find interesting and that I want to learn more about. Also I could focus on the beer styles I really like.

I had seen the Speidel Braumeister on a few occasions (open days at a local reseller) but I was always thrown off by the rather steep price. Still... I was intrigued by the device and started to consider the purchase.

While researching if the investment of a Braumeister might be a good idea for me I came across a few forums where a lot of information was scattered over a few threads (or even only one humongous) thread. It was no so easy to filter out Braumeister related topic on most forums.

After weeks of reading and searching information on the Internet I decided to bite the bullet and spend my hard earned cash on this high quality brewing installation. At that moment I also decided to create a website that would hold information specific to brewing with the Braumeister.

About 2 months after I got the idea of creating a community for Speidel Braumeister owners I am very proud to announce the opening of this forum. Its goal is to become the number one resource about brewing with the Braumeister and a meeting place for Braumeister owners to share their experiences. Because a community is build around interaction between its members I decided to start with the creation of a forum. This platform will allow us to share our knowledge and help each other. It will generate content that later can be structured in a wiki.

Besides the forum and the wiki I have two more tools specific to the Braumeister brewers in mind. These tools will be developed over the next few months (hoping that the forum will succeed), so you may expect more about this later.

I don't strive to make another homebrew forum. There are a few established homebrewing forums/communities on the Internet and they cover all sorts of brewing systems, techniques, aspects... This community will focus on the Speidel Braumeister, but that doesn't mean that you can't ask general homebrewing questions too!

As a last statement I would like to emphasise that this is an independent community without any relations to Speidel at all. I have had contact with Speidel before I launched the forum to ask their opinion and they encouraged it. They stated that they will not take part of discussions in an open forum as they think this must be a platform for the customer, not the manufacturer.

Have a nice stay!

Niels R.

PS: The current theme of the forum is only temporary. I'm working on the implementation of a new design, but it is going to take a few more weeks to get it online.



RE: The forum is open!

Unread post by pmac »

Awesome idea, can't wait for more info to flow through.

Was surprised something like this didn't already exist.

Cheers for your work!
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RE: The forum is open!

Unread post by dinnerstick »

Indeed, cheers for the site. It's just open and already proven useful!
Dank je wel, proost, veel plezier in belgie!


RE: The forum is open!

Unread post by royco »

Hoi Niels, I just discovered that you actually started the forum. This is really good news for the BM community.
Many thanks and well done. :cheers: Roy

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