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Problems with e-mails

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As with every beginning there are some difficulties. I noticed that a few gents (as we seem to lack women at the moment) have registered, but didn't verify there account afterwards. So I contacted most of them by e-mail and came to the conclusion that they never received the confirmation e-mail with their password. For those few I have activated their account manually and they are now all able to log in.

It appears that there is a server configuration "issue" that make some e-mail severs reject the e-mails coming from this forum. Since I couldn't fix it right away I re-routed the e-mail through the Gmail SMTP server(s). It looks like this solves the issue for everyone as the Gmail servers are trusted by almost all other mail servers.

Until I find the time (and help) to fix the sendmail configuration I will keep the current set-up. There is still a lot to do that is more "urgent".

If you still don't receive any e-mails from the forum (e.g. verification e-mail, password reset, new post notification, ...), please contact me so we can figure it out.

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