Water profiling on a BM - Confused

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Water profiling on a BM - Confused

Unread postby timtoos » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:30 pm

Hi everyone,

I use Brun water to calculate my water profiles. As I use a BM, I use much higher liquor to grist than a 3v system.

My water (Im on a spring) is basically pretty much RO water. Its alkalinity (HCO3) is 6.7. Other salts are very low too.

Even though my alkalinity is very low, as the volume I mash with is high, compared to a traditional system, I end up using acid adjustment for all of my beers.

If I look at Brun water, most profiles within the calculator have more alkalinity than what I have. In order to have a balanced anion/cation water, I end up increasing the so4/cl content. Not sure if I should do this or not. If I don't, and create a profile with more alkalinity than I will need to add a load of acid, which then brun water alarmss at saying that this is not good practice to add acid and alkalinity, but rather reduce or don't use.

Im confused about this. How would I make a English best bitter profile for use on a BM? I was gong to use this:

Ca: 65
MG: 2.4
Na: 6.8
SO4: 62
Cl: 82
Bicarb (alkalinity): 6.7

Even with this I would still need to add a little acid (as previously mentioned) the alkalinity even low is still high due to the liquor volume to grist (I typically use 30L to 4-5kg grist).

Can anyone shed light and please advise? Also there's so many calculators out there. EZ water, Liquor Treatment Calculator (by Graham Wheeler), Beersmith etc. What do people use and trust as most profiles on each calculator seem to compromise each other to some extent.

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