BM 50 - 40 liter batch light beer

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BM 50 - 40 liter batch light beer

Unread postby HumlepraXis » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:53 am


I am new to BM and would like to ask :
Is it possible to brew a 40 liters batch of lighter beer about 4,4 % alk on the BM 50 (?)
witch means using about only 7,8 kg of malt....
I have only the original maltpipe.
I guess it should not splash too much in the mashing process...
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Re: BM 50 - 40 liter batch light beer

Unread postby BMDrysdale » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:42 am

I have used b/n 9.5kg & 13kg in 50L BM.

9.5kg, starting water volume 55L, sparged with 4L, resulted in 4.7% alc. Final Keg/bottle volume about 36 litres.

Alc. % will depend on "efficiency"/quality of malt I would think. I used Gladfield Ale Malt (93% by weight) as a base in the 4.7% alc. batch.
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