Micropia, Amsterdam, Yeast on display

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Micropia, Amsterdam, Yeast on display

Unread postby dinnerstick » Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:17 am

The newest addition to the Artis zoo in Amsterdam is a fancy permanent microbial exhibit (although their definition of microbe covers some quite large beasts, mushrooms?? nematodes?? anyways...), they have some expensive kit and a lab installed and you can watch various microorganisms through compound microscopes and that sort of thing, some of it interactive, nearly all of it alive. The idea is to get people who never think about microbes to understand the facts that they are a. everywhere and b. indispensable for life as we know it.
They also have a sort of wall of microbes, lots of different colonies of all shapes and sizes, molds, bacteria, and yes... yeast, growing on petri dishes, backlit. What varieties of yeast do they have, a brewer like yourself might ask... well I can tell you for sure. Rochefort strain, weheinstefaner 206 lager yeast, fuller's strain, hoegaarden, brettanomyces bruxellensis (WLP). One of their sponsors (in addition to BASF, Zeiss, and lots of other 'big guys') is de bierkoning, and when they asked about obtaining different brewer's yeast strains de bierkoning came to me since thy know I keep a well-stocked yeast library. So if you go see the little beasts at Micropia, those beauties are from my stocks. Funny trip they took to get there, from their brewery to wyeast/white labs, back across the atlantic, from a shop to my freezer and now to a stock in the Micropia lab, where I guess they will streak out fresh plates every few days for the display? I got to attend the grand opening last night, here are some mobile crappy pics of one of the yeast plates, they don't have the labels on yet (this part wasn't quite complete...) so I don't know which, but it is Sacc.

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Re: Micropia, Amsterdam, Yeast on display

Unread postby malzrohr » Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:12 am

Extremely cool and great pictures! Allready planned a trip with the familiy to show the kids why they need to brush their teeth, wash their hands and understand what their dad's hobby is about and learn about the beauty of all things of nature the human eye cannot see.
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Re: Micropia, Amsterdam, Yeast on display

Unread postby niels » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:05 am

It looks like you're pretty well connected in the Amsterdam craft brew scene! Nice job!

- Niels
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