My Beer On Tap at Kafe Belgie in Utrecht!!

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My Beer On Tap at Kafe Belgie in Utrecht!!

Unread postby dinnerstick » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:11 pm

Sorry that it's a bit of a double post since i started a thread on brewing my beer as a contract brew at brouwerij maximus.
but i wanted to have this as the topic in case it caught the eye of anyone local, in case they might stop by. i am aware that it is shameless self promotion. basically Kafe Belgie, a well-known beer bar in utrecht originally dedicated to promoting the delicious beers of our southern neighbors but now also with a great selection of dutch, american, german, british, etc (but mostly BE, NL) beers, hired my brewery (de Kromme Haring; a legal business to sell beer, but without a legal brewery) to contract brew a 30th anniversary beer for them. I developed this recipe with input from their barstaff as tasting panel, brewed it big at maximus, and this coming saturday (only 6 months late for the anniversary) it goes on tap! Join the fun if you can.

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