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Re: Dreaming about beer

Unread postby luk-cha » Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:52 pm

royco wrote:
luk-cha wrote:
Cervantes wrote:I day dream about beer when at work................

Does that count?

haha, only @ beer o'clock it is :wink:

When is it beer o'clock?
I was daydreaming after breakfast about tuning my new tap installation which had foamed excessively the night before. So I went to do a test pull(to pour down the sink, of course!) Then I thought why not take a sip to see how the taste had settled down. It was great so I finished it. I have never been one to drink in the morning, except at the height of the mating season.
Question: am I in big trouble or what?

thats the beauty, it is always beer o'clock somewhere :beer:
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