Speidel 12 litre fermenter

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Speidel 12 litre fermenter

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I have a 12 litre fermenter which I rarely use as I prefer standard buckets. To my untrained eyes it seems to be built like a pressure barrel and am thinking of using it for this purpose. Anybody used one as a pressure barrel for despensing?


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Re: Speidel 12 litre fermenter

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I haven't. I only used my pressure barrel once but ironically am now thinking of using it as a secondary fermenter when dry hopping.

i am also thinking about split batches- id be interesting in your thoughts how good is it for fermenting- Does it take the same fittings as the standard spiedel fermenters?

as a pressure barrel I am guessing there may be an issues with how much pressure it could hold.

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Re: Speidel 12 litre fermenter

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If you fit a valve and a safety, I can't see why not.

Hmm Actually quite a nice size.

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Re: Speidel 12 litre fermenter

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I'm not sure these are designed for pressure, TBH. Although they appear pretty robust, they do have seams that might be weak spots. I use a couple Speidel 12L FVs as secondaries for split batches. There isn't sufficient head space for a primary fermentation when splitting a batch from a 20L BM.

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