Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

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Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby beerlover1983 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:38 am

Right so i was lucky enough to test a grainfather for a couple of weeks.And think im still sold on a bm

I would brew alot of small batches is the 10l malt pipe a needes bit of kit what isbthe smallest grainbill possible without extras.

Ive decided on sorting my own insulation and hood.

Still unsure on the hop filter i hear some saying its worth it others not so much.

But the malt pipe i think may be a must have ?
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Re: Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby johnrm » Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:00 am

I have a 20l with lots of extras. I don't have a need for bigger batches, The one piece I regret not getting is the 10l malt pipe Rio allow me to experiment more.
It's on my shopping list.
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Re: Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby stevodevo » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:20 am

I don't have much to contribute for now because I haven't taken delivery of my shiny new toys yet, but it looks like you're in a very similar situation to mine, and I have similar thoughts about the add-ons. I was having a real dilemma trying to choose between a GF and BM, but in the end I opted for a BM :-) For me this is all going to be about ease of use, and more importantly, very consistent and repeatable brews. I don't think the GF is quite there yet. Let me tell you... I haven't had any buyer's remorse at spending so much money yet :-)

I too do mainly small brews, so I've ordered the 10L malt pipe. I'm going to have a crack at making my own insulating cover out of a car windscreen sun sheild or something similar (ceiling insulation maybe - and no I don't mean fiberglass bats lol). Living in QLD I'm not too sure if I'll need a hood so I'll just wait and see about that one, but likely try to make one myself as others here have done. The same goes for the hop spider. I've been running it over and over in my head, but in the end of the day it's something I can try out and see how it goes. Some of the more informed BM users seem to view waste to trub of up to 4-5L as quite acceptable in favour of an easy brew day, and I have to say I'm seeing that point of view. I've been running some numbers through Beersmtih and I reckon it's going to work out brilliantly without me needing to squeeze every last drop out of a brew like I've been having to do in my 19L stove top pot.

So in a nutshell, I agree whole heartedly with what you've decided yourself... the 10L malt pipe is the main "must have"... at this stage. After I have a few brews under our belt I may have other thoughts.

Oh sorry change that... a couple of other things I've decided to get is a full size stainless steel immersion chiller to replace my little copper hand made one, and a stainless steel ruler to take measurements during the brew. According to another post on here somewhere it's 1L to 1cm in the boiler, so that seems like the easiest method to track volumes. Probably a cheap submersible pond pump to pump ice water through the chiller too, but the chilling side of things is really dependent on your personal preference and ground water temps etc.

If you look at my welcome thread, you'll see another member (Raggi76) was in the same boat as us and made some good points - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=837
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Re: Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby beerlover1983 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:50 am

Nice thanks for the reply.Now just have to sell all my old equipment.

Im really sorry about duplicate posts nor sure why that happend.
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Re: Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby Raggi76 » Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:02 pm

I went a few upgrades straight up, with others that I figure I will upgraded when needed.
I went the tap upgrade straight up after reading other posts. Although the original tap might work fine, its a relatively cheap upgrade.
I went a plate chiller ( a whole other topic :wink: ) and a hop basket from Keg King. Hade to modify the bend in the handle, but seems to work fine. As I have a plate chiller and not immersion, then it doesn't affect me to much.
As for the thermo jacket, I did a home made job. Figure I can save the $120 for other things. Made it out of aircell roof insulation, which is basically bubble wrap with insulation wrap either side (had it left over)
As for the hood, I'm going to do a few brews before I either make one or splurge on the original. Figured I splurged on the BM over the GF, so had to save money for the minister of finance somewhere.
The short malt pipe is on the list, but I went to get a few brews under the hat before spending some more.

You are going to love it. Just designed my first beer (first brew was from a book), a American Amber Ale, and the plan is brew day this Wed.
Already designed a Vienna Lager for the next one and a IPA after that. My problem is drinking all the beer before I can brew the next batch. Inviting a lot of people around. This is the advantage of a shorter pipe I suppose, but I will see how the liver goes first :cheers:

Re: Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby hughjampton » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:03 pm

I bought the stainless hood and insulating jacket. Expensive but they work very well and make a big difference to the boil. I also have the hop filter which works OK but it's not brilliant. I use a plate chiller.

The BM works very well straight from the box so you can wait until you've used it a few times before deciding what accessories you need.

I thought long and hard before buying my BM because it's a big investment. I haven't regreted that decision for one second. Their few limitations are easily overcome and you get professional grade equipment that's easy to use and easy to clean.

It took me a few brews to get the water quantities right so that I could hit the numbers corectly. I can now hit them every time and its reliability and ease of use allows me to concentrate on the important bit of making good beer. I love the ability to step mash easily and the ability to use pellets is worth having. I like mine a lot and I'm glad I bought it.

Re: Extras needed when buying a 20l bm

Unread postby paulg » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:27 pm

Do you use beer Smith? If so could you post your equipment profile or tell me your settings for losses.
I'm still trying to hit my numbers and as you appear to have cracked it
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