smallest batch

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smallest batch

Unread post by Soton »

I am thinking about a Braumeister 10L to do a few small brews each month, I know the answer to this question is probably already here somewhere but I can't find it! so can someone please tell me what is the smallest brew batch in Litres that is possible using the Braumeister 10L ?

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Re: smallest batch

Unread post by andreashaggstrom »

You need to add 12 litres of water for the mash. So if you do a no sparge you could probably do something like a 7 litre batch.

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Re: smallest batch

Unread post by Schmurf »

Sorry for the stupid question, but why is it necessary to add 12 liters of water for the mash? Won't it work if using smaller volumes? Like the TS I sometimes like to do smaller batches, something like 5 liters ending volume.

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Re: smallest batch

Unread post by nibber »

The size of the malt pipe + grain bill I would think-if you had less grain in the malt pipe this must affect the pump (and if it would cope with pumping a higher level of water/wort in the malt pipe with less grain in it and also must affect efficiency. The grain bill on a 10 Litre is approximately 2.2 to 2.8 Kg
Speidel do not make a smaller capacity malt pipe for the 10 Litre model.
The 10 Litre machine is tiny any way.
I am doing my first brew on a recently acquired 10 Litre one this weekend :beer:
For the 20 + 50 Litre models they make a shorter malt pipe for smaller size batches so you can make 10 litre and 25 litre batches respectively :beerbang:
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Re: smallest batch

Unread post by gandalf the brew »

I have made small brews in the past using this principle.
If you use 12L of water with 2.4kg of grain the ratio is 5:1 and the efficiency is about 80% with no sparge, so if you use 2kg of grain @ 5:1 add 10L of water, there is a 10L marker on the centre post for just that use.
This will end up after fermentation with approx 5 - 6L after losses. If you only need 5L for say a DJ then pour off what's not needed.
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