Pre-purchase questions

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Pre-purchase questions

Unread postby nealek » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:20 pm

I've decided to buy a 20L system but I'm getting a little stuck on other items for system configuration. Advice would be awesome!

I see the setup something like below:
20L Brau >> hose >> pump >> hose >> HopRocket/filter >> hose >> plate chiller >> hose >> fermenter.

  • If the above process flow is OK, are there any additional ball valves required?
  • How powerful does the pump need to be? Does it need to pump the wort all the way through the HopRocket/filter and the chiller?
  • Or is another pump needed after the chiller?

Any suggestions on which pump would be cool.

I'm in two minds about HopRocket vs filter as I may just use hop bags and probably only pellets. In the hop bag case, is the filter required anyway for trub or proteins? Has anyone had some success with a particular filter? They range from a $20AUD pre-pump filter to $200 SS inline filter.

A plate chiller would suit me due to space constraints. Water temp is 18c - 21c (64f - 70f) out of my tap. Barbed or threaded is the way to go?

Thanks for your opinions!
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Re: Pre-purchase questions

Unread postby Omphteliba » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:59 pm

Hej nealek,

I would directly replace the valve thta comes with the BM.

Regarding the "trub or proteins" question, I think you still need a filter, even with hop-bags. I used for the last brewday the Springer from Bac Brewing, and was very happy on how little particles i had in my filter. But I don't know what will happen if you add a pump to the whole setup. I used it with gravity only.

Please share if you found a matchin pump, because I am also thinking about buying a pump.

cu o.
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Re: Pre-purchase questions

Unread postby squadricus » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:12 pm

I am a big fan of the air(or CO2) powered diaphragm pumps used for syrup and pre-mix for fountain soft drink systems. Used one for years on my 50 gallon system. Scored a rack with 8 of these on it at a restaurant auction last week for ~$5. Self-priming operation can really be your friend if elevation to ensure adequate net positive suction head is a problem.

The mag drive pumps are probably your best bet in a centrifugal (Chugger and March come to mind).
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