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Unread post by DaBear »

I'm just about to pull the trigger on a BM10 (basically downgrading from a 20L electric brewing system, that fits my needs and kitchen size better).

Maybe the community could help me answer a few questions about the unit:

1) Does the BM have water level markings on the kettle?
If not could suggest a good 'hack' to get that?

2) My understanding is that the hop sieve isn't compatible with the 10L due to the arrangement of the heating coils. Again looking for any 'hacks' to filter hops most effectively. I always use whole leaf hops, is it a concern that they could block the outlet valve?

3) The FAQ mentions 2.8kg as the maximum amount of malt for the 10L. How 'true' is this? I'd like to continue brew some imperial stout recipes that have grain bills closer to 3.5kg and 90 minute boil times.


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Unread post by Icefever »

First welcome to the forum..

#1....The 20l does so you would expest the 10 to have them also.

#2....A hop sock??? I use a large S/S flat sink drainer over the for me, cost £2.

#3....Double mash...Link here


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Unread post by Nesto »

Welcome! I'm thinking of the old Saturday Night Live skit when I saw your name... Da Bears... ... ans/n10094

1. Yes, but... There are markings on the center rod, but not much precision. To measure more precisely, we've calibrated depth (20l calibration - weigh for accuracy)...
Or etched solutions...

2. Hop spider - cheap and easy DIY and effective... ... der-build/

3. As mentioned, double mash works. And don't know if any 10l brewers have pushed the limits, but a few of us 20l have regularly done 6.5-7kg of grain in a single mash step...

So if it scales, you should be good!
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Unread post by mashy »

I am going to be honest here. I think you need to look again at a 20.

Water volumes are much easier if you focus on final volumes. The best hop sieve I have found is the speidel version. Copy this with a 99p sink strainer.


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Unread post by BreadMurderer »

A 20L does sound like a better plan, in my opinion. I'm planning on getting a 50L along with a shorter malt pipe so I have the flexibility with my brews. Nothing worse than buying something then regretting not getting the bigger size... My 2p.


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Unread post by DaBear »

Cheers all! And thank you for links and everything.

Going back to 20L would be slightly disadvantageous so I don't see it as an option.

For water volume markings it sounds like calibration is a must-do thing. Guess I always wanted to cut notches in my wooden brew paddle :)

Hop spider is on my list (again) - hop socks are just too cumbersome. Are there any specs on the depth of the boil kettle? Rim to bottom, and rim to top of heating coils?

For bigger beers I can live with scaling down the volume.


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Unread post by DaBear »

Nesto wrote:Welcome! I'm thinking of the old Saturday Night Live skit when I saw your name... Da Bears... ... ans/n10094
(sorry, totally off topic)

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