Tips for working with BeerSmith

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Tips for working with BeerSmith

Unread postby martingale » Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:05 pm

After a few batches and struggling to make the volumes add up in BS, I think I finally got the hang of it. Hopefully someone else can benefit from my lessons.

Mash Profile
  • check "BIAB Mash" as BM's grain absorption is more like BIAB. Grain absorption's about 0.6 fl oz/oz for me.
  • I sparge (see below), but since there's no sparge w/ BIAB in BS, I put the sparge volume as part of Mash Out step of my mash schedule as a placeholder.
  • You can't input "Est Mash Eff", it's calculated from "Tot Efficiency", so get that dialed in for your process. Personally, I get about 89% Mash Efficiency
  • There's interplay between "Batch Size" and your mash profile, so if you can't seems to adjust some volumes in mash profile, it may be because it's calculated from your batch size.

  • I mash with 23L and sparge (more like rinse with room temp water), and it seems to be very effective
  • right after I lift the malt pipe, I start the boil and begin sparging. I haven't found the need to poke holes before rinsing.
  • for 1.047 wort pre-sparge, I added 9L of sparge water, ending with 1.041 wort. This means the sparge water resulted in 1.026 wort.

  • the 25L mark on the center pole is 14cm from the top of the pole. I estimate volume by measuring the distance between the top of the pole and the water level - one liter per cm.
  • I was confused why recipes from Speidel had temp rests of 0 min. After a few batches, I realized it's much easier to program in this way.
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Re: Tips for working with BeerSmith

Unread postby Dicko » Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:52 am

As a moderator on this forum I have deleted the link you posted, however if you feel that this link will really improve this forum then I suggest you provide the forum owner with this info.
If I am incorrect then I am sure your link will be reinstated.....attn Niels......

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