50L Beersmith Equipment Profile

Do you need help setting up your favourite brewing software? Or help out other with the lessons you learned while calculating recipes for your Braumeister.
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Re: 50L Beersmith Equipment Profile

Unread post by bierfest » Tue Mar 01, 2016 2:17 am

Here it is
Braumeister 50l short malt pipe
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Also dont forget to set your grain absorption. Here is what I use
Screenshot of grain absorption settings
Screenshot of grain absorption settings
I put this together from some of the great info on this forum from Dicko and others. I have been modifying it over many brews and am making very tiny tweaks at this stage. You will need to modify it for your setup.. especially the grain absorption and the boil off rate. At this stage I regularly hit my numbers. When I started out I was way off quite a lot of the time.

Some other points worth noting about this (and keep in mind these will effect your setup)
1. I always run my grain through the mill a second time (not sure why.. bad habit)
2. I always pause the mash half way through and stir it (dont leave this too late as you need to allow enough circulation time to clear your wort again after you disturb all the particles by stirring the grain bed)
3. I never bother to sparge any more.. too much hassel and i have never seen any benefit in my beers or numbers to date
4. I use the braumeister jacket on the unit and also the braumeister hood with one of those flexible aluminium vent pipes added to take away the steam
5. I always boil for 90 mins at 102 degrees

As per Dickos advice i only ever aim to hit a target volume in the braumeister after boil. Getting a constant amount into your fermenter will depend on the brew type and especially the amount of hops that you use.
I have no idea if this profile will work for others but it works consistently for me now every time and my beers have improved immensely.

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