BeerSmith profile for BM 10 / +BacBrew Disk

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BeerSmith profile for BM 10 / +BacBrew Disk

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Dear all,
Im normaly using a BM 50. But now I got a BM 10 for small test batches.
As I’m using BeerSmith since a few days I’m looking for the profile for the BM10 and BM10 with BacBrewing disk.

Can someone help me with the data I need?

Best regards from Lőrrach in Germany


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Re: BeerSmith profile for BM 10 / +BacBrew Disk

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Here's one i found some time ago on the interwebs

You might still have to change it, if you tip the BM etc, I've never used it as I have a BM20
Braumeister 10L.bsmx
Beersmith BM 10
(1.26 KiB) Downloaded 170 times

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Re: BeerSmith profile for BM 10 / +BacBrew Disk

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I have just found my old Beersmith 2 program on my pc and updated to Beersmith 3,
I am using the BM10 equipment profile but finding when i scale most recipes for my BM10 the grain bill is too high i.e. some are coming up with a grain bill of 4kg, the max grain bill on the BM10 is 2.6-2.8kg any suggestions? :drink: :beer: :beer:

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