Imperial/Double IPA

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Imperial/Double IPA

Unread postby leosardinha » Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:32 pm

My latest brew,

Imperial IPA
4,0kg Pilsen
4,0kg Maris otter
0,4kg Munich(Caramalt)
0,4kg Carared(Amber)
0,4kg Carapils(Wheat)
0,4kg Meladoin
0,5kg Dextrose at the end of the boil.

My supplier was out of weyermann so I had to use all muntons malts.

My goal was to make a High Gravity 20L batch using the large malt pipe, my first attempt on doing this, I aimed for an 1.080 initial gravity.

- Mashed in with 45L @ 38C, threated with 10g gypsum, 2g CaCl, 5g Epsom Salt and 2ml of Lactic Acid.
- 90 minutes @66C, also played with mash hopping and added 20g of columbus and 20g of mosaic to the malt pipe.
- Mash out @ 76C for 10 minutes, I left it for a little bit more because I had to go have breakfast with my girlfriend.
- I did not sparge.

Ended up with 35liters with a pre-boil gravity = 1.055, I was aiming for 1.062, maybe due to the low volume of water I should've mashed longer or I need to start checking the PH of the water.

Boil for 120 minutes.
30gr of Columbus at 60 minutes.
30gr of Columbus at 45 minutes.
30gr of Simcoe at 30 minutes.
1 tab of whirfloc at 15 minutes.
Dextrose at 5 minutes, forgot to add earlier.
80gr of Simcoe at flameout.
30gr of Centennial at flameout.
1 hour hop stand.

I lost almost 15 liters between boil off(Looked more intense than usual also) and trub loss(big due to the large ammount of hops in the kettle) and 20 liters went in the fermenter with an OG of 1.073, under my expectation but yet not bad for an IIPA. Hydrated two packs of US-05 in one liter of boiled and cooled water and it went into the fermenter @20C, fermentation chamber set to 17C.

I will leave it fermenting at that temp until it reaches 1.012, then:
- 4 days @ 20C for Diacetyl rest.
- First Dry Hop 2 days @20C(20gr Simcoe, 30gr Columbus, 20gr Centennial).
- Second Dry Hop 2 days @20C(10gr Simcoe, 10gr Centennial, 10gr Mosaic and 10gr Columbus).
- Cold crash 1 day @0C.
- Gelatin 2 days @0C.
- Keg and carbonate with 2.2 volumes for one week.

With exception of the OG and final volume(I should loose about 4 liters with yeast cake and hop debris) a little bit lower, I am really anxious on this one. I dreamed for a long time on making a big, hoppy and citrusy IIPA. :D

Next time I will try to check my Mash PH and do a small sparge of 5L.

Brew day full of side activities also, my girlfriend left for some shopping so I had the full day to organize my brewhouse and pending tasks :beerbang:

- 2 ending kegs empitied to botles and to my mouth :drink: haha
- keezer also cleaned
- 5 kegs cleaned and sanitized.
- kegged 2 batches.
- 2 fermenters cleanned and sanitized.
- milled the grains for my next batch.
plus the bonus: watched both germany and netherlands victories at the world cup haha
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