Quick X-mas Dunkel Weizen

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Quick X-mas Dunkel Weizen

Unread postby marcobock » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:24 pm


I realized that I will not have enough dark wheat beer for a Christmas party. What to do ?

I thought let me try to get one ready to drink in only 10 days.
Brew day 15.12.18, through the plate chiller in the fermenter, yeast added same evening. Fermentation started on the 16.12.18, phew, so far on track!
No more visible activity in the airlock on the 21.12.18 in the evening. Quick gravity reading 1.012, so far so good.
Tested gravity again on the 22.12.18, same result.
Gravity reading today before kegging, still 1.012

Beer now in the fridge for cooling to 3 degrees Celsius and force carbonating 25.12.18 morning.
Party starts at 1300 hrs, all good!

Thought I share this with you guys.

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