Poor efficiency on short pipe brew

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Poor efficiency on short pipe brew

Unread postby grooves » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:23 pm

I brewed a English IPA with Challenger and Progress hops last night. I got poor (for the BM) mash efficiency. I normally get 80-85%, but this time only 70%. My target pre-boil SG was 1.042, but I got 1.034...

Possible reasons? -

* Lower efficiency with the short 10l pipe in the BM20 - I've only done one of these before

* old malt - the malt is about a year old...

* poor crush - the malt came crushed (by mistake) so I didn't mill myself at 1.2mm

* mash pH - I measured it at 5.7 - and didn't adjust it although my target was 5.4 for this brew

It's probably a bit of all of these - but I'm interested if anyone else has seen lower efficiency with the short pipe, if so, then I can plan for it
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