Accidental no sparge + other cockups

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Accidental no sparge + other cockups

Unread postby grooves » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:46 am

I brewed my homage to Little Creatures Pale Ale on Monday night

I filled 30l water in the BM and acidified to 5.7 pH. At this point I'd usually drain 5l to some jugs for a sparge while heating from mash-out to boil, but I forgot!

It worked well overall anyway, the level of the wort was not over the retaining bar, and I was only 1 point off my pre-boil target. There was only one problem. I use the BM hood as a funnel and mill directly into the malt pipe, but with the higher level of water, a strange crunching sound alerted me to the fact the grain had backed up and was stuck in the mill! So I had to stop milling and shove the grain down the funnel into the malt pipe, after the usual stir it didn't seem to have made much difference, although for the first time ever I got some small wort fountains.

I'll probably stick to a sparge in the future, as no-sparge didn't save me any time.

I also accidentally added my whirlpool hops (Cascade/Chinook/Galaxy) instead of my 10 minute addition (Cascade/Galaxy) - so I had to swap them, but I doubt it will make too much difference.

I also need to tweak my boil off settings in BS, as my one point pre-boil difference turned into a 5 point difference in the OG. Any hints I what to use before I measure it properly? For BM20 with jacket at low elevation (~300ft/100m). Also has anybody had any luck weighing the BM on bathroom scales to calculate volumes - I think this might be easier than a dipstick due to foam and temperature.

It's now bubbling away nicely - I'm looking forward to this one.
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Re: Accidental no sparge + other cockups

Unread postby Onthebrew » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:01 am

Also interested in boil off rates. To hit target gravity I tend to have to limit myself to a total of 27 litres of water. With 30 litres I would be well short.
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