First ever Bock

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First ever Bock

Unread postby Muddy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:12 pm

Trying my first ever Bock having invested in a beer fridge to be able to ferment at 12c

I've used the recipe from Greg Hughes book, but have modified it for my 20l BM and used BeerSmith 2 to calculate and as always used the standard recipe 1 on the BM

2.30kg Pale Malt Marris Otter
2.30kg Munich Malt
0.45 Carapils
0.3kg Special B Malt

22gm Northern Brewer 75mins
11gm Tettnang 30mins
1/4 tablet protofloc 15 mins

Yeast Bavarian Lager 2206

21.9 IBU
28.6 EBC

Ran the mash profile and sparged with 5l water at 75. This left me just shy of the 25l mark ahead of the boil
Pre boil target on BeerSmith 1049....1049 was what I got

Got a good 20 litres into the fermenter post boil

Target OG from Beersmith 1059...1060 at 15c so adjusted(according to Brewers Friend) means 1059

Sitting in the beer fridge with temp set at 12c...will check in the morning to see if there is life.

Aiming to finish around 1014 for 5.9% and will condition at 3c for at least a month....Just in time for the start of the warmer weather 8)
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