Surprise no chill method on first brew

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Surprise no chill method on first brew

Unread postby Bub11 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:42 pm

My first ever full grain brew, done with my new BM20 went surprisingly well. Mostly I think from watching a couple of videos by MrHodster on YouTube, unpacking and then doing his first brew - I got to avoid the bits that would have had me reaching for the manual and then Google. Surprisingly well up until the end that is...
I'm from a kit background so never had to chill a brew, I don't have an outside tap and all my indoor ones annoyingly don't fit the hose adaptors (I tried 3 or 4 varieties) - one kinda fit the kitchen sink with a little leaking but it wasn't much so I thought it'd do. What I didn't do until halfway through my boil, was try it under pressure :? Not that my kitchen was hot, but if it had have been, it would have cooled quickly - water everywhere but in the hose :D . I'd been reading a lot about 'no chill' methods and was interested to try, just not this soon. I got some sanstar into a 25ltr hdpe water carrier and gave it a hearty frothing.
Meanwhile the boil ended and my next unknown arrived - how do you 'whirlpool' with the hopspider in? I knew I had to do it so the protein and crud would settle to the bottom. Turns out the hopspider spins really easily on its axis so you can use it to crate the whirlpool effect. I withdrew the hopspider and let the wort sit for a bit - I could see loads of floaty bits riding around in the eddies, are these the proteins I expected to settle out? I didn't want to leave it too long so after about 20 mins after flameout, I transferred it to the water carrier (used a silicon tube to avoid aeration).
There was quite a lot of liquid left in at the end, I was expecting a couple of litres, but I actually measured it out and it was 4. Should I be tipping and taking a little crud along to the fermenter in future?
That was my first experience. Nicely straightforward until the end, so obviously the BM rocks!
Last night I bottled the brew and it looked, smelled and tasted ok, so I'm hopeful I got away with it. It was the Speidel IPA btw.

Re: Surprise no chill method on first brew

Unread postby royco » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:12 pm

Hi Bub11, you will most probably be well pleased with your brew. Here's hoping! Did you use Whirlfloc? That gets most of the gunk to settle even without whirlpooling. Also, if you cold crash to near zero at the end before bottling/kegging you will get very clear beer. If you are obsessed with clarity try gelatine fining after cold crashing. There are posts here about the process. BTW no-chill is such a pleasure. You can pitch days or weeks later. Let us know how you get on.
And the BM does indeed rock!

Re: Surprise no chill method on first brew

Unread postby Bub11 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:31 pm

I used Protofloc, not sure if that's similar to Whirlfloc but I think that the the proteins settle more the cooler it gets, but I had to transfer it whilst still hot. I have now tried a bottle and I'm delighted with it as my first all grain. I've had many worse commercial beers. It is a little hazy cool, but I don't really care that much.
On the crash cooling front, I'd love nothing more but I don't have the fridge or freezer space and I've got no spare corners for a new one. Just gonna have to buy a bigger house :D

Re: Surprise no chill method on first brew

Unread postby Bub11 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:01 pm

Just an update to this thread...

I bottled my 'first ever AG brew' & 'first ever use of BM20' on Sunday 2nd October. It was the Speidel IPA recipe and I was forced to 'no chill'.

I have now drunk at least half of it. It is the best beer I have ever made. I have made loads of kit beers and not one of them touch this and none have made me truly proud - this did.
Yes, it's slightly hazy once refrigerated and the yeast is very delicate so you get a little haze just from pouring BUT, it is easily as good as MANY shop and pub bought beers. I love it.
I am an all grain convert, besotted with my Braumeister and potentially this recipe too.

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